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Grizzlies' West has no problems talking
While Rockets say they can't discuss any deal, Memphis talks openly about it
THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2006   5:39 PM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2006
The Houston Rockets, facing a potential $1 million fine for talking before July 12th about the draft day deal they have made with the Grizzlies, have remained mum, but Memphis president Jerry West has no problems answering any questions about the trade.

West, in a radio interview (listen online), made no bones about where the Rockets' first round draft pick will be playing.

"Rudy Gay, it's no secret by now he's our property," said West.

When asked if West felt that Gay could be a star in the NBA, he was clear.

"Absolutely, no question," said West. "He's got a 40.5 inch vertical jump, but he can shoot the ball, and he can shoot threes. If you get in any kind of area where there's room, he's going to dunk the ball and it's going to be over people. His coach, Jim Calhoun, absolutely raves about him."

"It's the second happiest night I've ever had as an executive with a team," added West, who brought in Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal when with the Lakers.

West made it sound like the Rockets did not have a deal in place to move up, but only that they were hoping one of five players would be available at #8. All were gone.

"If any of 5 players had gotten down to Houston... Brandon Roy is who they really wanted. Everyone thinks he's going to come in and be an immediate help and he was one they really wanted. We would have had no deal if that wouldn't have happened."

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