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Who Is Two Roads Media? Who Designed The Site?

Two Roads Media is a web development company that Jeff Balke and I started a couple of years ago. Dave Cebrero, aka Rocketeer, is the company's creative director and graphics guru.

The three of us have been able to do some great work together and I wanted to put our combined skills in to the ClutchFans redesign.

Specifically, Cebrero came up with the final design of the site. His skills are outstanding, as most Rocket fans know from his wallpaper graphics, and we spent weeks going back and forth to finalize the design. I want to personally thank him for lending his tremendous ability to the project.

I focused primarily on Flash, ColdFusion programming and putting the design concept in to play as a real site.

Jeff was invaluable in providing feedback for the site's look/feel and ease of use and also helped roll together some of the content.

To read more about Two Roads Media or see our portfolio, click here.