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What Role Does The Clutch Crew Play?

The "Clutch Crew" is a group of guys who have always been willing to help the site out in any way, whether it was to write a recap while I was out or to hide evidence of one of Eddie Griffin's latest crimes from the cops (great job leaving the shell casings in the driveway fellas).

Many of the Crew members have been with the site since the very beginning and I trust them a great deal.

Roles have changed. Many of the guys wrote columns or features in the early days. Brian Kagy wrote "Kagy Notes" and Jeff Balke wrote "The Truth", a column he brought over from a site of his own called "The Rocket Zone" that he ran in 1997.

These days the Crew has mostly been invaluable in helping moderate the BBS Forum. Dr Of Dunk also has been huge in moderating the chat room while Dave Cebrero is a graphics genius, both in his design of the site and in his Rockets wallpaper artwork.