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Why Change The Site Name From ClutchCity to ClutchFans?

No doubt this was one of the very first questions that entered your mind when you came to the site to open the 2003-2004 season.

Why did I change the site name? Did the Rockets push this?

Well yes and no.

In case you didn't know, "Clutch City" is a registered trademark of the Houston Rockets. I certainly didn't know that in 1996. I called the site "Clutch City '97" when I started it then, so it eventually became known as just "ClutchCity".

Last year the Rockets formed "Clutch City Sports & Entertainment" as the legal entity to operate the new arena, only making it more important to them that there is no confusion.

The NBA believes in enforcing its copyrights, and this is one of those. That the site has been operating under a trademarked name of theirs has been alluded to on several occasions, though let me stress that they did not force anything. In fact, they're finding out about the name change the same time you are. I could have probably continued the site as "ClutchCity" for some time unmolested, but it no longer made sense to have that issue hanging over me.

So I voluntarily changed the site name.

The name ClutchCity.net isn't going anywhere. I still own it and it will still redirect users seamlessly to the new site. Will it be that way in a year? I don't know.

As for ClutchFans, the name made sense. "Clutch" is the keyword I have always used in everything, from Clutch Features, Clutch Radio, Clutch Headline to Clutch BBS, the term "Clutch" was very common here.

Since the site is about the fans, "ClutchFans" was the right fit.