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Who Is Clutch?

"Clutch" is the moniker I have run the site under since it was born.

While in college in 1995, I would watch the "Clutch City" and "Double Clutch" videos often enough that one friend dubbed me "Clutch". It seemed to make sense to use that name when I created the site in the summer of 1996.

I have been maintaining the site and writing all content under that name ever since.

I run the site out of Austin, TX where I live with my wife and two children.

Are You "Clutch The Bear", or Jerry West?
No, I'm definitely not the one wearing that inflated mouse costume known as "Clutch The Bear", though it does make me laugh when a person or two has made that mistake over the years. I just can't see the "Bear" writing up a recap. Jerry West, current GM of the Grizzlies, was known as "Clutch" during his playing days, and I'm not him either.

West could be the Bear though.

Does Jeff Balke run this site? Is he "Clutch"?
No. This is a common mistake made by a lot of people since the days of "Save Our Rockets", a grassroots movement that Jeff spearheaded in 2000 to help keep the Rockets in Houston.

The site helped Jeff in that cause and was closely associated with it, though I couldn't take any credit for that at all. Jeff was the driving force there and deserves mad props for all that he did (and believe me - it was a lot) to keep our team in town. However, since the site was involved there and Jeff was a well-known personality during the campaign, many people made the mistake that ClutchFans was run by Jeff. In fact, the Rockets organization has made this mistake... more than once actually.

Jeff and I are good friends and business partners and he has always been willing to help me out with the site when needed, and for that I'm extremely grateful to him. The confusion just needed to be cleared up since a lot of people address me as "Jeff" in emails or BBS posts.