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Analyzing Eddie...

Analyzing Eddie...
Eddie Griffin had his ups and down in the summer leagues, but his talent looks extremely promising

The Rockets Revue squad may not be about wins and losses, but it certainly isn't about wins for the Rockets. Houston fell to the Suns Friday night, closing out the Rocky Mountain Revue with a 1-5 record. Both Dan Langhi (1-9 shooting, 2 points) and Eddie Griffin (3-13 shooting, 7 points) struggled from the floor. Omar Sneed scored 18 points to pace the Rockets. Jonathan Griffin gives his full recap from the game while DarkHorse caught Eddie Griffin for an interview

LA Summer Pro League
Date Opponent 2-2
7/12 Clippers 99, Rockets 92
7/13 Warriors 95, Rockets 94
7/15 Rockets 111, Lakers 100
7/16 Rockets 108, Grizzlies 93
Rocky Mountain Revue
Date Opponent 1-5
7/20 Mavericks 76, Rockets 59
7/21 Rockets 90, Grizzlies 86
7/23 Blazers 89, Rockets 84
7/25 Spurs 91, Rockets 78
7/26 Jazz 82, Rockets 75
7/27 Suns 69, Rockets 59 2001 Latest Rocket Summer League Play News

  • Collier to return to Houston for rehab
    July 17, 2001 6:30 AM
  • Eddie Griffin vs. Darius Miles
    July 12, 2001 10:28 AM
  • Cato will play in LA Summer League games
    July 9, 2001 10:58 PM
  • Big Dog Bites: KT out of Summer League action
    July 9, 2001 7:04 PM
  • LA Summer Pro League Information
    July 9, 2001 10:55 AM
  • Rockets will play in LA Summer League before Revue
    July 6, 2001 2:44 AM

  • 2001 Summer League Play Features
  • Suns Set on Rockets 69-59
    JULY 27, 2001: Jonathan Griffin recaps the Rockets' final Rocky Mountain Revue game of 2001, a 69-59 loss to the Suns
  • Interview with Eddie Griffin
    JULY 27, 2001: DarkHorse gets some brief one-on-one time with Rockets rookie Eddie Griffin
  • Tuned Out - Griffin, Rockets Fall to Jazz
    JULY 26, 2001: Early notes from the Rockets 82-75 loss to the Jazz Thursday night
  • Spurs Rough Up Rockets
    JULY 25, 2001: Jonathan Griffin gives his analysis of the Rockets loss to the Spurs in the Rocky Mountain Revue
  • Blazers Game: Player Ratings
    JULY 24, 2001: DarkHorse gives his player grades from the Rockets 89-84 loss to the Blazers in the Rocky Mountain Revue
  • Rockets Fall to Blazers 89-84
    JULY 24, 2001: Jonathan Griffin writes a recap and player analysis of the Rockets-Blazers game at the Revue. and Achebe provides photos to boot
  • Interviews: Kelly, Boylen and Mr. Mean
    JULY 23, 2001: DarkHorse and Moe of the Clutch BBS interviewed Darren Kelly and Rocket assistant coaches Larry Smith and Jim Boylen after Game 2 of the Rocky Mountain Revue
  • Rockets Beat Grizzlies 90-86
    JULY 21, 2001: DarkHorse of the Clutch BBS gives his player ratings from the Rockets 90-86 Revue win over the Grizzlies
  • Rockets are a Reck at the Revue
    JULY 20, 2001: Jonathan Griffin gives another story -- Eddie Griffin and the Rockets simply looked awful Friday night in the Revue
  • Game 1 Revue Interviews and Player Ratings
    JULY 20, 2001: DarkHorse of the Clutch BBS gives his player ratings from the Rockets 76-59 loss to the Mavs in Game 1 of the Rocky Mountain Revue and talks with Dan Langhi and Axel Dench
  • The Dan Langhi Show
    JULY 14, 2001: Alec Walker says against the Warriors, Dan Langhi thrived and has come to play in the summer leagues
  • Griffin looks good despite numbers
    JULY 13, 2001: Alec Walker recaps the Rockets-Clippers game and says though Eddie Griffin didn't have a massive offensive night, he was a defensive force
  • Curry, Chandler are Bulls' future
    JULY 12, 2001: Alec Walker checks out the Bulls rookies in Wednesday's summer league action
  • Richardson, Murphy impressive for Warriors
    JULY 10, 2001: Alec Walker returns to the Summer Pro League to catch the Warriors, Grizzlies, Mavericks and Kings.
  • Sonics' Radmanovic Looks to be the Real Deal
    JULY 9, 2001: The Rockets haven't started playing in the LA Summer Pro League, but Alec Walker was at Long Beach State today for the action
  • Special thanks for Summer League Play coverage
    I've always been convinced Rockets fans are the best in the world, but the Summer League play just about proved it. We want to send out a special thanks to Alec Walker for his great recaps of Summer League action, even before the Rockets started playing. Also major props to Sattle and the big E, who put up a website loaded with photos and video from the games. Also thanks to Zach Helke and those on the Clutch BBS who passed along insight on the players and game action. We hope the Rocky Mountain Revue in Utah brings the same kind of fan participation.