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Morey says Rockets seek scorers
Houston GM looking for bench scoring as Rockets head towards the NBA Draft
MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2008   9:08 PM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2008
Morey says Rockets seek scorers
Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, appearing on local 610am radio Monday night, touched on the Rockets and the upcoming NBA draft.

When asked about the team needs, Morey headed straight for offense.

"We're probably putting more of an emphasis on a scorer, a guy who can attack the basket and shoot, over defense," said Morey. "We really feel like bench scoring is big. We're not going to get everything that we want -- someone who can play 'D', attack the basket, shoot. You're describing Tracy McGrady there."

The Rockets hold the 25th pick in the June 26th NBA Draft but all has been relatively quiet on the rumor front. Morey told ClutchFans two weeks ago that there could be more potential trade-up options this season and said again today that it was no sure thing they would stay at #25.

"We feel like we have all options open with that pick," said Morey. "Trading it is definitely on our minds in terms of if it can get us what we need."

The second-year GM also wanted to be clear about what can be expected from a low first round pick.

"For planning purposes, we hope to beat the odds but we don't expect the pick to help us out of the gate," added Morey. "We expect him to help us over time, so we're open to high upside. If there is a guy however that is sort of a perfect fit that we think could play their way on the floor, we'll consider that as well."

Morey also said the Rockets are considering three things when weighing who to select and where.

"One, what do we think they'll become?" said Morey. "Then, how risky they are -- how much upside to how much downside there is on a player. Finally, what the market thinks. We spend most of our time just figuring out the top 30 to 40 guys who we want for our situation. If we can move up to get a player we'll try to do that. If we can move down to get the players we want we'll do that."