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Brooks outshoots Novak, Bullard
Rookie point guard beats Rockets triple specialists in 3-point shootout
By Clutch
Copyright 2007
Aaron Brooks won the 2007 3-point-shooting contest at the collegiate Final Four. Steve Novak did the same in 2006.

They said they would square off in practice, and Wednesday they did just that -- even adding former Rocket three-point specialist Matt Bullard into the mix as well.

The winner? The little guy.

"I had to represent for the '07 class," said Brooks. "But hey, when you're shooting in competition, it's definitely different than when you have guys running at you."

That's because on the floor in scrimmages, Brooks knows he has struggled so far in camp with his shot.

"Bonzi [Wells] was teasing him earlier that he hasn't made a shot the whole training camp," said Tracy McGrady with a laugh. T-Mac added though that Brooks is energetic and "quick as hell".

While his shots haven't been falling just yet in practice games, he outdueled two sharpshooters in the contest. When told that former Rocket Scott Padgett said last year that Novak would never lose a three-point shooting contest, Brooks responded.

"Obviously he doesn't know what he was talking about," said Brooks with a smile. "Three-point competition? If it's not [against] a girl, I'm going to win."