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Curtis Borchardt on the Rockets?
Rudy T loves big guys who can shoot, and Borchardt, like LaFrentz, fits that bill. He's not going to stop Shaq because no one can, but he could become effective pulling post defenders out to the wing, freeing up more room inside for the Maurice Taylors and Eddie Griffins. Borchardt certainly is not top pick material, but if the Rockets get any late lotto picks, or Curtis slides to #15, he'll get a strong look.
Caron Butler on the Rockets?
All indications are the Rockets love Caron Butler and the toughness and intangibles he brings to his team. He would look fantastic in the pinstripes alongside Francis, Mobley and Griffin. The Rockets view the small forward and center spots as their biggest needs, but taking Caron at the top spot might be a stretch. If the Rockets aren't sold on Ming at #1, they could certainly look to trade down to select a Butler or Dunleavy.
Mike Dunleavy on the Rockets?
Mike Dunleavy might be tops on the Rockets wish list for their ideal small forward. Houston has all kinds of scorers and athletes with potential, but could use a smart and versatile player who could help run the show with Francis, and bury the 25-footer with ease. The Dunleavy-on-the-Rockets scenario will get a lot of conversation time in the Rockets offices.
Drew Gooden on the Rockets?
Carroll Dawson was recently quoted as praising Gooden highly, projecting him to be a very strong power forward in the league. Question is: Do the Rockets really need another power forward? Gooden is a good one, but would be in a rotation with Mo Taylor, Eddie Griffin and possibly Kenny Thomas (barring trade), and that wouldn't solve any of the Rockets glaring weaknesses at the three and five.
Maybyner Hilario on the Rockets?
The Rockets could use a high-energy defensive guy like Hilario, but it's doubtful he would have any kind of immediate impact and a lot will depend on how he does in workouts as he's primarily an unknown right now.
Jared Jeffries on the Rockets?
Jared Jeffries may still be a few years away from impacting an NBA team, but if the Rockets square away their situation at center, they may roll the dice with a kid like Jeffries, who showed a tremendous amount of promise at Indiana. It's doubtful he would have a big impact on the Rockets in 2002-2003 however.
Yao Ming on the Rockets?
Oh boy. No doubt about it, the Rockets are interested in Ming, and thanks to lady luck, they find themselves with the chance to grab him with the #1 pick. If the Rockets do feel Ming is the risk worth taking, he will no doubt have a huge impact on the Rockets, affecting the game of every single Rocket player. Houston's biggest weakness is the glaring hole in the middle, and Ming, at 21 years of age, could potentially fill that hole for years.
Bostjan Nachbar on the Rockets?
Nachbar may be tailor-made to fit the Rockets needs at the three. Houston desperately needs a guy who can run with the speedy guards and knock down the long-range jumper. Rice can hit threes but can't run. Terence Morris can run, but can't hit a jay. Nachbar's versatility could make him a tempting pick at #15, if he's still on the board.
Kareem Rush on the Rockets?
This is probably one of the few players the Rockets would hope goes before them at #15, as they really do not need a shooting guard. Rush is talented, but when you're already running Francis and Mobley in their prime, you have no need for Kareem Rush.
Amare Stoudemire on the Rockets?
Yes, the Rockets are interested. How much I have not heard, but the kid has been described by one Rocket scout as a "beast". Has a lot of things to learn to become an effective four in the pros, but bodybuilding, running, jumping and dunking aren't any of them. Could become an interesting prospect for the Rockets if they opt for a "centerless" run-and-gun squad.
Nickoloz Tskitishvili on the Rockets?
Rudy T scouted Tskitishvili in Italy, and like the rest of the scouts and coaches in attendance, he came away impressed. Rudy also was enamored with two kids named Nowitzki and Gasol when they were in the draft, so the Rockets may want to scoop up a guy who has drawn comparisons to both.
Dajuan Wagner on the Rockets?
Don't look for Wagner to get much Rocket play at all. Not only does he play guard, which is the lowest need Houston has, but he's a guy who needs to shoot the ball (and shoot the ball, and shoot the ball...) a lot to really be effective at all. Cuttino would get jealous.
Chris Wilcox on the Rockets?
Chris Wilcox has a Rocket group following him, no doubt, as Houston is interested, despite having a current glut of power forwards. Wilcox' potential is tantalizing and his addition to the Rockets roster would certainly make for a high-flying Terp combination of Francis to Wilcox for vicious jams.
Jay Williams on the Rockets?
The Rockets already have a Steve Francis, but it sure is tempting thinking about a Franchise-Jay Williams backcourt. What it lacks in size, it would certainly make up in explosiveness. Don't look for the Rockets to use that top pick on Jay though, but could use the chance to select him as a major selling point in a trade.
Qyntel Woods on the Rockets?
A lot will depend on workouts, but look for Woods to get a strong look, even at the top pick if things get weird with Ming. Woods' athleticism and skills at his height are scary, and he would be the Rockets' long-term three, but he wouldn't solve the Houston's problems for 2002-2003, that is for sure.