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Yao Ming out of China
College: China
Height: 7'-5"
Weight: 296
Class: N/A
Birth Date: September 12, 1980
Age: 39 years, 269 days old
HomeTown: Shanghai, China
NBA Comparison: Rik Smits
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  • Notes on Yao Ming
    No doubt about it, Yao Ming is the talk, the rage and the x-factor of the 2002 NBA Draft. Some say he is the center of the future while others say he could flop along the lines of Shawn Bradley. He is the biggest mystery of the draft, but no doubt, Ming, at 7-foot-5 and with the shooting range of a guard, is a fascinating prospect. Has improved a great deal in each of his 5 seasons in the Chinese basketball league, and in 2001-2002, averaged 32.4 points, 19 rebounds and 2.9 assists in 34 games. Hit 72% of his shots and 76% at the free throw line. Stepped up his game in the playoffs, averaging 38.9 points (76.6% shooting) and 20.2 rebounds to lead the Shangai Sharks to the title. More finesse than power, Ming still has a lot to learn about the game but has dominated the scene in China.

    "He's athletic and he has skills," said Pacers president Donnie Walsh. "He's the real deal."

    Strengths of Yao Ming
    HEIGHT. 7-foot-5 guys don't grow on trees, and certainly not guys that tall with the athleticism and agility that Yao Ming has. Has a terrific jumpshot and range that goes out beyond the arc. Good, strong legs. A fundamentally sound ballplayer. Instantly becomes a shot blocking force though he will have to learn much more in the NBA game. Has a solid offensive game and a jumper that stretches out to the three-point line.
    Weaknesses of Yao Ming
    How will his body hold up trying to guard the likes of Shaq, Zo, Duncan and other big men? Must build up more upper body strength, but according to one Chinese official, Ming despises lifting weights - not good. Many teams also are concerned about his status with China, as they have made things extremely difficult for prospective NBA players from the country. Any team that drafts Ming will lose him for parts of seasons due to commitments to China (national team).
    Ming on the Rockets?
    Oh boy. No doubt about it, the Rockets are interested in Ming, and thanks to lady luck, they find themselves with the chance to grab him with the #1 pick. If the Rockets do feel Ming is the risk worth taking, he will no doubt have a huge impact on the Rockets, affecting the game of every single Rocket player. Houston's biggest weakness is the glaring hole in the middle, and Ming, at 21 years of age, could potentially fill that hole for years.
    - Clutch