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Clutch Special Thanks To The "Crew"

 Mike KeeleyBBS Moderator/Stat Guru E-Mail
ESPN's Rob Neyer would have nothing on Mike Keeley. Excellent analyst of sports in general. Has been with clutchcity.net since the very beginning and thus has earned rights as admin of both the Chat and the BBS. List of priorities: 1. Rockets, 2. Manchester United soccer, 3. Go back to (1).
BBS Account: Keeley
 Brian KagyBBS Moderator/Columnist E-Mail
Writer and originator of the popular Keg Notes column. One of the wittiest and sharpest writers in the business. Only women in the Latin American Sales Department and San Antonio Spurs power dancers could lure him away from the page. Always willing to rip on other teams and glorify the Rocks. Has assured Clutch he is only helping out until Stevie Ray Vaughan comes back from heaven and leads his followers to the Promised Land.
BBS Account: BrianKagy
 Jeff BalkeBBS Moderator/Columnist E-Mail
Designed and maintained the website Rocket Zone for over a year before joining the Crew to write the well-known Truth column. Stays on top of the news to bring the inside scoop to Clutch City viewers -- an extremely valuable member of the Crew.
BBS Account: Jeff
 Will SaletanBBS Moderator/Columnist E-Mail
Nicknamed "C-Span" for having been interviewed numerous times on the TV channel. A tremendous Rocket fan who is also a professional writer for a well-known political publication. Will, who hails from La Porte, TX, has helped out countless times with unique commentary on the Rocks as well as some of the most insightful takes in the Clutch BBS.
BBS Account: Will
 Dave CebreroWallpaper Graphics Designer E-Mail
Dave Cebrero, aka Rocketeer, designed a good portion of the wallpaper graphics on the site and is simply an amazing designer. Fans write in routinely to say how impressed they are with his designs.
BBS Account: Rocketeer